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Pure Flamenco teaches Classical flamenco, which is the style most frequently performed by Spanish flamenco dance companies. It is danced largely in a proud and upright way. Unlike the more gitano influenced flamenco, there is little movement of the hips, the body is tightly held and the arms are long, like a ballet dancer.

My main focus is technique. Once you master your technique, you can easily pick up any choreography. I strongly believe that there is no point in learning choreography, if you are not prepared to execute it properly.

Starting March 2017, I will only be teaching classes in San Diego, CA once a month. There will be 2-hour workshops most likely every first Monday and Tuesday of every month.



Beginner I workshop – This is a 2-hour beginner workshop held once every month. In the first hour we will work on body, arms and footwork technique. In the second hour, students will be introduced to the rhythm of Tangos, learning Palmas (clapping rhythms) and basic choreography.  (Teens and adults)

Beginner II workshop – At least one year of experience is required for this workshop. This is a 2-hour beginner workshop held once every month. In the first hour we will work on body, arms and footwork technique with a strong focus on coordinating arm movements and footwork by combining technique exercises, as well as proper turn execution. In the second hour, students will be introduced to the rhythm of Alegrias, learning Palmas (clapping rhythms) and basic choreography.  (Teens and adults)

Intermediate workshop – At least 3 years of experience is required for this workshop. This a 1-hour workshop held once a month. We will work mainly on technique: “tablas de pies“, turns, arm and body placement and exercises, core strength and balance. We will also learn choreography for Caña.(Teens and adults)

Castanets workshop – This is a 1-hour workshop held once a month. We will be learning Sevillanas with castanets. Previous knowledge of Sevillanas is required. (Teens and adults)




   Pre-payment is required prior to attending any workshop. If not enough students sign up by one week prior to start date, workshops will be canceled and fees will be refunded.





   PRIVATE LESSONS – If you feel you could use personalized attention to go through all your questions or steps you may be having trouble with or you want to learn something different from what is being taught in the current workshop, you can always sign up for a 60 min private lesson.

Lessons are also available for potential students who have never danced Flamenco before and would want an Introduction to Flamenco before joining a class.

Lessons need to be booked and paid for 2 weeks in advance. Private lessons are non-refundable.

      $60  per lesson


12 Responsesso far.

  1. Laura Sanchez says:

    Intrested Beginners II.

    • admin says:

      Hello Laura,
      Beginner II will be at 10:30 am Tuesday in Studio 105 and Thursday in Studio 201 at Dance Place San Diego, starting September 2nd.
      4 classes a month are $80 and 8 classes per month are $120. If you sign up now and pay your first month tuition, you will get $15 off.
      If you have any questions you can email me at classes@pureflamenco.com or call me at (858)848-0096.

  2. katrina estoesta says:

    Is it to late to sign up for flamenco adult beginner class? I would love to start next week.

  3. Deborah says:

    Hi. I’m considering joining your class. But I have a few questions.
    Are the instructors from Spain? If so where?
    Thank you

    • Flamenco Teacher says:

      Hello Deborah,
      I was born in Mexico. One of my teachers is also Mexican trained in Spain and the rest are Spanish (Seville, Madrid, etc). You can read my Bio for more details.

  4. yekaterina says:

    Hello, am I too late to start beginning class? Should I take a private lesson to catch up? Thank you!

    • Flamenco Teacher says:

      If you have never danced flamenco before, I would recommend at least one private lesson to learn the basics and then join the beginner group.

  5. Tomoko says:

    I am interested in Beginner I class on Thurs. morning. How big is the class?
    Also is it possible to observe or see the class before I start the class, or I have to pay the first time drop in class to try?

    • Flamenco Teacher says:

      I am sorry but you cannot sit in to observe the class. The drop-in fee is for people who are not sure they want to enroll, so they can try the class without the commitment of paying for a full month.

      At the moment I have one student, sometimes two in the Thursday 10:30 am class.

      I hope you drop-in next week, I am sure you will enjoy the class very much!

  6. Vitoria says:


    I have done four years of flamenco as a teenager and now I want to return. would be possible to start this week? I’m not sure about my level. Am I need take beginner classes or intermediate?
    Thank you,

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