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What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable, appropriate workout wear and most importantly, flamenco shoes (if you have them). If you don’t have flamenco shoes, for your first class you can wear sneakers or any 2″ heel shoe with a strap. Eventually, you will need proper shoes and also a long practice skirt.

You can buy both your shoes and skirt at my flamenco store or in class. Click here to go to the store : THE PURE FLAMENCO STORE

This is what a flamenco shoe looks like:


Beginner flamenco shoes


If you are ready to invest in Flamenco, you can buy a pair of professional shoes for $240-$345. My favorite brand is Menkes. THE PURE FLAMENCO STORE is an official distributor of Menkes shoes. You can find Menkes shoes in every size in stock at the store or you can place custom order.


Menkes Elite flamenco shoes


Another excellent brand is Senovilla and you could drive up to Playa del Rey, CA and get them at Flamenco West.

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